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A bowl of food on a table, with Chermoula
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Chermoula Sauce

A very forgiving very adaptable North African paste/sauce for almost any savory dish. Use as a marinade, dipping sauce or to flavor roasted veggies or meat.
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Condiment
Cuisine: Moroccan, North African
Servings: 8 Tablespoons
Calories: 127.9kcal
Author: Amira


Basic Chermoula: ( no spices)

  • 3/4 cup (8g) fresh parsley leaves, coarsely chopped
  • 1 1/2 cup (25g) fresh cilantro leaves, coarsely chopped.
  • 1 head (40g) of garlic.
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt.
  • 1/2 cup olive oil plus more for covering.

Red Chermoula Sauce:

  • Basic Chermoula.
  • 2 Tablespoon paprika.
  • 2 Tablespoons chili flakes.
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric.

Green Chermoula sauce

  • Basic chermoula.
  • 1/2 Tablespoon chili flakes.
  • 1/2 teaspoon mace.
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric.
  • 1/2 pickled (preserved) lemon.


  • For any type of chermoula place all the ingredients in a food processor and puree.
  • Place in a clean jar, pour olive oil over until you have a film covering the chermoula then refrigerate.
  • This sauce is great to marinate chicken, fish, shrimp, couscous or over a salad, I’ve made a delicious zoodles with butter, basic chermoula and a splash of heavy cream.


Note1: Traditionally a mortar is used not a food processor.
Note2: Some people make it solely with cilantro. I’ve seen people make it anywhere between 1:1 to 1:4 parsley to cilantro ratio. If you find cilantro soapy aim for a higher ratio of parsley may be 1:1. Parsley and garlic will mask this soapiness.
Note3: Others got even more innovative, but this is not traditional, and added basil and/or Thai basil with great success.
Note4: To make chermoula stay longer always make sure to use clean spoon when scooping it up and always cover with a film of olive oil
Note5: The green and red chermoula stayed in my fridge for two weeks. Basic chermoula stayed for about 6 weeks before I discarded it, color changed a bit yet it was still fragrant.
Note6: Green Chermoula recipe yields 3/4 cup while the red one made 1 cup.
Note7: Nutrition is calculated for the basic Chermoula and using pink salt.
Please check the nutrition disclaimer policy.
Sources : Youtube.


Calories: 127.9kcal | Carbohydrates: 1.8g | Protein: 0.4g | Fat: 13.5g | Saturated Fat: 1.8g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1.1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 10g | Sodium: 55.2mg | Potassium: 25.6mg | Fiber: 0.2g | Sugar: 0.1g | Vitamin A: 1.7IU | Vitamin C: 4.8mg | Calcium: 1mg | Iron: 1.1mg