Date coconut pretzel breakfast squares

Course: Breakfast, Snack
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Servings: 16 servings
Calories: 320kcal
Author: Amira
A great start for any day, packed full with nutrients, flavors and textures.
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For the date layer:

  • 16 oz pitted dates.
  • 1 1/4 cup water.

For the crumb layer:

  • 6 cups of Great Grains Coconut Almond Crunch.
  • 4 cups of pretzels.
  • 1/2 cup softened coconut oil.
  • 1/2 cup honey.
  • 1 cup date paste from the date layer that we will make.


Prepare the date layer:

  • In a sauce pan over very low flame, simmer dates with water for 5 to 10 minutes or until water is totally absorbed, set aside to cool down.
  • Pulse both the pretzels and the Great Grains Coconut Almond Crunch separately in the food processor until they have a texture that is between whole and finely ground.
  • In a deep bowl, add both of the pretzels and the grain cereal with coconut oil and honey, mix well with hands.
  • Add 1 cup of the date paste we previously prepared and mix again.
  • Pre heat oven to 350F.
  • Line a 9x9 brownie pan with parchment paper.
  • Press half of the pretzel/grain mixture in the bottom to form the base of the squares.
  • Spread the date paste on top evenly then top that with the remaining pretzels/grain mixture.
  • Press everything tightly together and bake in the oven until it browns nicely on top 25-30 minutes.
  • Take it out and let it cool completely.
  • It is also recommended to chill in the fridge for a couple of hours more before cutting for easier handling.
  • Store leftover in the fridge, keeps well in freezer for few weeks.
  • Enjoy.


Calories: 320kcal

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